Professional Sommelier Program

CAPS and ASI Certified.

Our Sommelier Diploma prepares you for the demands of the Sommelier profession.  The Diploma is a modular set of comprehensive programs of instruction—not just an exam—that provides a professional grounding in wine and drinks theory, tasting and service.  CAPS/ACSP certified Sommeliers are recognized internationally in the 55 countries of the ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale).

Prerequisite:  WSET Level 3 Award in Wines & Spirits (or the new WSET Level 3 Award in Wines), or WDCM Sommelier Certificate, or an equivalent in education and experience, determined by WDCM.  The Province of Manitoba Smart Choices/ Serving it Safe certificate will also be required as either pre-requisite or co-requisite.

The modules will include:

  • Core studies: Sommelier Tasting Toolbox sensory analysis), wine production, and wine styles
  • Classic Europe: Study Old World wines on a backdrop of important classic wines and the cultures, influences and rules that helped form them
  • The New World: North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and beyond
  • Beer, Spirits and other beverages
  • Sommelier management: the business of being a sommelier

Duration: 8 classroom contact hours, per week over 12 months (non-consecutive), plus a work-placement stage and project work.

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