Maggie 2012
  • Issue 21
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    Issue 21: Rosé

    Rosé is a time-honoured wine style. The Spanish and French have classic examples. Rosé can be made from many grape varieties and is made the world over. Rosé can be almost white, almost red, and every shade of pink in between. It can be still or bubbly, dry or sweet, and almost without exception it is a wine meant for fun and immediate enjoyment at a modest price.

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  • Issue 20
    A Tasting Tour of Oregon and Washington
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    Issue 20: A Tasting Tour of Oregon and Washington

    Washington and Oregon are the second and third largest producers in the United States. Both states have started craving out niches for themselves and really establishing their identities in international wine culture. Oregon has a thriving wine region not far from its capital, noted for its Pinot Noirs. However, the urban winery explosion in Portland is a very unique and accessible phenomenon that aligns nicely with the city as an epicurean destination. Washington State\'s wine region is expansive and remote, making its mark with its Cabernets and Merlots--but a trip to the tasting rooms in Woodinville, just outside of Seattle, will afford you an idea of why the Pacific Northwest is making its mark.


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  • Issue 19
    Great Wine Cities
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    Issue 19: Great Wine Cities

    A great wine city brings people together with food and wine in a way that seems effortless and fun. Some of these cities are places where we expect this to happen—like Lyon, London, and Melbourne—and some of these are places that surprise us by taking us far beyond our expectations—like Hong Kong, Vienna, Mendoza, and Porto. In this issue of The Cellar Door we happily share our great wine experiences in our most loved cities. These are cities in love with wine, and these are cities that make us fall in love with wine. 

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  • Issue 18
    South of France
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    Issue 18: South of France

    From the Languedoc-Rousillon through Provence, the south of France produces some of the most interesting, and best value, wines from the country. In this issue, we explore the top 5 features about travelling in the south, the notion of garrigue and the diversity of the region, rosés from the south of France, the vermouth renaissance, and American wine importer Kermit Lynch shares what captivates him about the south.

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  • Issue 17
    Pierluigi Tolaini
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    Issue 17: Pierluigi Tolaini

    This issue is dedicated to the legacy of Pierluigi Tolaini. A young immigrant to Canada from Italy, Pierluigi is an incredible Manitoban success who made his mark in shipping before returning to his homeland in Tuscany to become a major player in the Italian and international wine scene. This
    issue explores that journey, tours the Tolaini Estate winery, and explores some Tuscan culinary simplicity.

    In this issue, you will also be introduced to your friendly neighbourhood sommelier, the incredible Champagnes of Cédric Bouchard, new high-value international grape varieties, and Italian winemaker Diego Bonato.

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  • Issue 16
    Cabernet Sauvignon: King of Grapes
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    Issue 16: Cabernet Sauvignon: King of Grapes

    Cabernet Sauvignon is a serious wine. It is the royalty of Bordeaux grape varieties. It is the wine that has raised the Napa Valley to unheard-of heights. And when wine-producing countries want to hit the world stage with a winner, Cabernet Sauvignon is almost always in the mix. It is the wine that can put a producer on the map.

    This issue of Cellar Door celebrates this noble grape variety. Our Sommeliers have collaborated on a list of the 50 best Cabernets available today; Gary Hewitt gets technical on why Cabernet is so fabulous with food; Sylvia interviews one of the world's premier Cabernet grape growers, Andy Beckstoffer; and Andrea Eby gives us some insight into its prestige. 

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  • Issue 15
    Okanagan Valley
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    Issue 15: Okanagan Valley

    If you have spent time in the Okanagan Valley, you are well aware that it is one of Canada’s most beautiful and exciting destinations. If you haven’t been there, then consider this issue your introduction and invitation. In this issue, you will discover that the Okanagan is host to some of the biggest wine and food festivals in the country—and they go on all year long! These festivals are a fantastic introduction to the treasure trove of wineries and local restaurants that showcase all that the Okanagan terroir offers.


    Also in this issue, Sylvia interviews patron and patriarch of Okanagan wines, Harry McWatters; Andrea and Todd explore the innovative Okanagan Crush Pad; and Gary explains why B.C. wines are so hard to get in our market. Also, enjoy two exciting new features: le tre, exploring the simple luxuries of life, and our Winnipeg chef profile on Östen Rice of Wasabi Sabi.

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  • Issue 14
    Pinot Noir
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    Issue 14: Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir is a fickle grape from vine to bottle—but any wine nerd worth his or her salt will be quick to assure you that this diva is worth her reputation. Pinot Noir started in the classic, elegant style of Burgundy, where its roots were first planted as early as the second century BCE. From France, it has travelled to thrive in more marginal, cooler climate regions in the New World, such as Oregon, New Zealand, and Niagara, Ontario, where some of the most memorable Pinot Noirs are emerging.

    This issue explores celebrates Pinot Noir’s travels, its diverse personalities, and its clones. We also explore new technologies and accessories for Sommeliers, pay tribute to gluggy red wines, celebrate Pinot Noir’s incredible ability to create the perfect food and wine pairing in a chef challenge, and interview the charming Jessica Harnois, President of the Canadian Association of Sommeliers.

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  • Issue 13
    California's Central Coast
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    Issue 13: California's Central Coast

    When you hear about the wine industry in California, your mind instantly travels to the world-renowned Napa and Sonoma valleys. Meanwhile, just south of these perceived giants is a region that grows 15 percent of California’s grapes and is home to 360 incredible wineries. California’s Central Coast starts north in the San Francisco Bay area and spans south into Santa Barbara County.

    The holiday issue of The Cellar Door invites you south for a California adventure: Mike Muirhead shares the great diversity of this wine region, and Sylvia and Saralyn tour you around their favourite spot: Paso Robles. An interview with the region’s most innovative and daring winemakers, Randall Grahm, explores the limits of the region. Also in this issue, Gary Hewitt breaks down your wine phenotype; we give you a step-by-step guide to Winnipeg’s only wine social media hub: CornerVine; and we pair the perfect holiday wines with traditional turkey and side dishes by Chef Alan Shepard of Step’N Out Sur le Boulevard.

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  • Issue 12
    South Africa, A Wine Adventure
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    Issue 12: South Africa, A Wine Adventure
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  • Issue 11
    Southern Italy and the Islands
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    Issue 11: Southern Italy and the Islands

    Southern Italy is a place like no other. Its fragrant air speaks of the agricultural and Mediterranean riches that it offers: fresh fruit, fresh seafood, and some of the most interesting food wines in the world. Modern winemaking is harnessing tradition by harvesting some of the 1,000 native varietals that grow in the South. In this issue, we explore an Old World wine region that is celebrating its renaissance!

    With the current wine scene in South Italy in mind, Mike Muirhead introduces us to some native grape varieties to get our palates started; Gary Hewitt discusses the history and current contribution of wine co-operatives in South Italy; and Sylvia Jansen and Tina Jones take us on a tour of the Islands: Sardinia and Sicily. Andrea Eby and Sylvia Jansen explore the history of pizza in Italy and offer some perfect wine pairings. On the local scene, Amici Chef Patrick Shrupka challenges our wine experts to find the right pairing for his two-course South Italy Test Kitchen: Calamari Umido and Veal Limone. Dig in to the latest issue of The Cellar Door!

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  • Issue 10
    Amo Argentina
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    Issue 10: Amo Argentina

    Argentina’s wine industry has a rich history rooted in its colonial past and notable for its current viticultural innovations and strides into the international market. As the fourth largest consumer of wine, wine holds a very integral place in Argentine culture, and its movement into the international market in the last 25 years has established a reputation for immanently drinkable and affordable fare.

    In this issue of The Cellar Door, our sommeliers explore the people and the land that are moving Argentina to the forefront. Sylvia Jansen interviews internationally-renowned winemaker Laura Cantena of Bodega Catena Zapata, who talks about the history of the Argentine wine industry and impact of high-altitude vineyards on the calibre of Argentine wines. Mike Muirhead takes us on a trek up the Andes and Andrea Eby gives us a history lesson on the crown prince of Argentine grape varieties: Malbec!

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  • Issue 9
    Salud Spain!
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    Issue 9: Salud Spain!

    Spain’s culture holds within it the tension of ancient and contemporary architecture jostling for space and the cultural mosaic that makes up its history and present population. These tensions are evident in Spanish winemaking, which holds within it vocal traditionalists who are going back to the roots of viniculture and winemaking, working alongside young, innovative winemakers who are striving to make their mark.

    In an interview with Tina Jones, Spanish winemaker Telmo Rodríguez (who graces the cover) addresses his vision of recuperating traditional Spanish viniculture and winemaking, and discusses how Spain is making its mark on the international wine stage. Also in the issue, Sylvia Jansen explores the wine and food cultures and dazzling architecture on the path from Bilbao to Barcelona; Mike Muirhead introduces what to expect from Spain’s unique grape varieties; Rob Stansel gives you a guide to Spanish wine labelling; we give you our best pitch for introducing Spanish Rosé into your life; and local Chef Tristan Foucault shares his version of the traditional Spanish paella.

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  • Issue 8
    Champagne: Taste the Stars
    Issue Details
    Issue 8: Champagne: Taste the Stars

    Every moment of a bottle of Champagne, from the pop of the cork to the bubbles dancing across your palate, feels like an event. Our June issue of The Cellar Door explores all of the reasons why Champagne is synonymous with celebration. From its production to a long history of shrewd marketing, perfecting the experience of Champagne is a storied fable fit for the Wine of Kings.

    In this issue of The Cellar Door, you will read that one of the most important innovators in Champagne production was the Grande Dame of Champagne, Veuve Clicquot, who ran the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne House in the early 19th century. Veuve Clicquot is credited with inventing the technique of remuage, whichallows spent yeasts from the secondary fermentation to be released without losing its effervescence. The Champagne issue explores the important women winemakers in the industry, as well as a backgrounder on Champagne and the effects of a turbulent economy on one of our most cherished luxury items. We also share travel tips; stir up controversy in an interview with Terry Theise, author of Reading between the Wines; challenge the palate in the Champagne Test Kitchen; and explore how to love bubbles on a budget.

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  • Issue 7
    The Australia Issue
    Issue Details
    Issue 7: The Australia Issue

    Of all offerings from the land Down Under, we can confidently argue that their best ambassadors are their wines. Much like Canada, Australia’s population has grown from humble beginnings, with immigrant cultures.  New Australians brought grape vines from their homelands, and many of their descendents saw the potential and pressed forward. Luckily for the world’s wine lovers, the Australians are realizing that vision.

    The fall issue of The Cellar Door brings you the best of Australian travel, wine and food. Day trips from the continent’s city centres show us the hospitality that Australian winemakers offer.  We explore the Australians’ savvy marketing with their sometimes edgy, sometimes amusing, and always interesting wine packaging. An interview with Winnipeg ex-pat, Chef Steven Krasicki, and his Sommelier, Jeremy Burke, at the award-winning Altitude Restaurant in Sydney exposes our readers to the cutting edge in wine and food trends in one of the world’s most experimental epicurean centres.

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  • Issue 6
    The Burgundy Issue
    Issue Details
    Issue 6: The Burgundy Issue

    Our June issue explores the historically rich wine region of Burgundy, France. For many wine lovers, the wines of Burgundy express the intricacies of its region like no other. The wines of Burgundy are as complex as the landscape; each expressing the small parcel of land in which its grapes are cultivated. The soul of Burgundy’s soils, the expression of its terroir, and its viticultural heritage sing in every bottle.

    In this sixth issue of The Cellar Door, we explore the food, wine and appellations of Burgundy. Sylvia Jansen invites us along on a food tour of Burgundy, and gives us a peek into the scandals of Burgundian wine business. Mike Muirhead compares the exquisite Pinot Noir grape to a junior high crush, and always the king of analogy, gives everyone a lesson on Burgundian appellations that hits close to home. Saralyn Mehta introduces the fascinating world of biodynamic practices with her discerning eye and quick wit. We are also excited to share Gary Hewitt’s interview with Clive Coates, author and noted Burgundy wine authority, who speaks to the lasting relevance of Burgundy.

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  • Issue 5
    Issue Details
    Issue 5: Chile

    Chile’s wine industry dates back to the 1830s, and its story follows the permutations of a nation that is blessed with near-ideal growing conditions and ample land, yet has seen lengthy periods of political and economic instability. Between 1995 and 2002, the amount of Chilean land used as vineyard crops doubled, leading to the current era in Chile’s wine culture. Shaking off its dubious reputation for average, affordable wine, Chile’s winemakers have elevated the quality of their wine exports while maintaining accessible price points. Chile’s wines simply have one of the best quality-to-price ratios of any region currently on the market.

    The Chile Issue showcases the strides that Chile’s winemakers have made in the past 15 years. Features include a cultural history of Chile, which contextualizes the development of the wine industry across several generations, and a 5-day travel diary that showcases the hospitality, technology, creativity and dedication of 15 vineyards within a 100 km radius of the capital, Santiago. An interview with John Duval, a consulting winemaker at Viña Ventisquero (formerly of Penfolds, and currently of John Duval Wines in the Barossa Valley, Australia) gives a visitor’s perspective on the creativity and innovation that have catapulted Chilean winemakers from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the mountainside.

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  • Issue 4
    Napa Valley
    Issue Details
    Issue 4: Napa Valley

    Napa Valley, California is one of the world’s fastest-growing premier wine regions. First planted in the 1830s, the modern era of winemaking launched in the 1960s with visionary winemaker Robert Mondavi’s groundbreaking winery in Oakville. With over 350 wineries tucked into a 75 by 35 kilometre area, Napa Valley is a visitor-friendly wine region dedicated to all the best aspects of the wine lifestyle.

    The hallmark of the Napa Valley issue is an exclusive interview with Michel Rolland, in which he discusses his path from childhood in Bordeaux to his current standing as the world's leading wine consultant. Features in this issue explore Napa's history and travelling in Napa on three different budgets. In our Test Kitchen, our wine experts discover the (often surprising) compatibility of big Napa Cabs with a range of food pairings, from Sable Fish to butternut squash. Also, enjoy columns on wine education, the allure of cult wines, and sustainability in the U.S. wine market, along with the newest in wine accessories, exciting events, and, as always, wine suggestions from the Banville & Jones wine experts.

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  • Issue 3
    Niagara's Wine Country
    Issue Details
    Issue 3: Niagara's Wine Country

    When looking for that next great wine, sometimes we forget about the burgeoning industry right in our backyard. In this issue of The Cellar Door, we explore the wines, people, and places that make Niagara such an amazing wine destination.

    In an exclusive interview, Canadian wine giant Donald Ziraldo examines how Canada hit the international wine scene with Inniskillin’s award-winning Icewine, and opens up about his new projects in research and Riesling. You will also learn more about smaller, garagiste-style wineries that are making a name for themselves, both for their wines and for their leadership in environmentally responsible practices.

    In honour of Niagara’s agricultural tradition, this issue’s Test Kitchen sends you out to the Farmer’s Market to take advantage of Manitoba’s diverse local options. We also recommend some of our favourite wines and accessories for the patio and cottage season!

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  • Issue 2
    Timeless Tuscany
    Issue Details
    Issue 2: Timeless Tuscany

    In the second issue of The Cellar Door, we take you on a tour of one of the most beautiful and bountiful wine regions in the world: timeless Tuscany! We are excited to work with local photographer, Keith Levit, who provided the striking cover image of Tuscany, and also offered several of his stunning images for use within the pages of the issue.

    In this issue, we are excited to offer you an exclusive conversation between Lia Tolaini-Banville and celebrated Italian wine consultant, Carlo Ferrini, along with features on working the vineyards in Tuscany, travel tips for your own Tuscan voyage, a novel cooking technique in our Test Kitchen, and many tips and facts from the Banville wine experts you have come to rely on.

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  • Issue 1
    For the Love of Wine
    Issue Details
    Issue 1: For the Love of Wine
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Tolaini Vladisanti
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Full-bodied with deep but reserved fruit flavors framed by rich oak. A cellar worthy wine.


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Spicy notes of French oak rise above distinct aromas of cherry and berry. One of our favourites!