Cellar Starter Program

The Cellar Starter program is your opportunity to try wines from all around the world and build your collection. Our team of sommeliers search far and wide to bring you some of the most interesting and unique wines that offer mid-term cellaring potential. With 4 different option, you can pick the case that best fits your taste. 12 bottle crates range in price from $350 to $540 plus tax, 6 bottle crates from $175 to $270 plus tax.

Option 1: The Standard 12 Pack: 4 different wines, 3 bottles of each. The majority of wines will be red, but white wines and occasionally sparkling, fortified or dessert wines will complete the crates.

Option 2: The Modified 6 Pack: 3 different wines, 2 bottles of each. A selection of 3 of the 4 wines from the Standard 12 Pack.

Option 3: All Red 12 Pack: 4 different wines, 3 bottles each or 3 different wines of 4 bottles each. All red wines, of course.

Option 4: All Red 6 Pack: 3 different wines, 2 bottles of each. All red!


The Cellar Starter program is quarterly, and includes delivery* and tasting notes. As the program is a good opportunity to try new wines, there are no substitutions. Members will also be invited to attend our exclusive Cellar Starter event held yearly. Members will have an opportunity to taste wines from past Cellar Starter crates and chat with our team of sommeliers.

For more information and to register call (204)948-9463 or email Wine@banvilleandjones.com

*within city limits

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