Wine of the Month Club

Our Wine of the Month Club offers something for every wine lover.  With three different subscription options available you are sure to find one that works for you. Detailed tasting notes, curated by our team of wine experts, will be included with each month`s wines.

Everyday Explorer $39.99 – 2 bottles of  wine per month

Let our sommeliers be your guides as you explore the world of wine. The Everyday Explorer pack provides you with delicious selections that will let you explore your taste preferences, learn more about different styles of wine and discover new favourite grape varieties and regions.

Sommelier Selections $79.99 – 2 bottles of wine per month

A selection of some of our sommelier favourites. The Sommelier Selection pack is perfect for the casual consumer who is looking for a little more excitement in their wine selections. Get ready to taste and learn about wines from undervalued regions and lesser known grape varieties. Don’t worry though! Classic grape varieties and wine styles will also be well represented.

Benevolent Neglect $65.99 – 2 bottles of wine per month

Receive 2 bottles monthly of low-intervention wines. These wines will have been produced by farmers that are practicing organic or biodynamic viticulture and that eschew chemical additions in the winery. Wines may be red, white or orange; fizzy, cloudy and/or funky! Many of these wines will have been produced in very small quantities and represent an opportunity to try unique wines made by real people from around the wine world.

For more information and to sign up call (204)948-9463

*In order to provide our customers with the best service possible, and to ensure a well-rounded selection of wines, no substitutions will be made. If wine of the month programs are not right for you please contact the store at (204) 948-9463. Our staff will help you find an alternative better suited to your needs. Some additional charges, including delivery fees, will apply to customized orders.

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