About Us

Founding owner Tina Jones has a simple commitment for Banville & Jones: to provide the best quality possible in wine, in service to our customers, and in education.

This commitment means that Banville & Jones is dedicated to bring the highest quality, best priced, recognized and yet to be discovered wines from around the world home to our customers. Our team of professionals hand select wines to exceed expectations, whether these wines are everyday favourites or rare gems. We carry wines that are familiar and loved, and we offer beautiful, new surprises.

This commitment means customer service by knowledgeable staff who are passionate about wine, and passionate about their desire to make every selection perfect for the customer and the occasion. It means that we treat our customers with honesty and fairness, whether the customer is a large restaurant client or a weekend wine lover on a tight budget.

This commitment means that we offer the best wine education programs and opportunities. Our award-winning educators and experts provide world-class education programs as well as wonderfully entertaining wine and food events.

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